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PP woven fabric – flat surface

PP woven fabric width 50” Color: White Size: 1.27 meter (50”) Construction: 8x8x870D Weight: 78g per meter length Tape width: using 3mm tape width Yarn tensile strength with minimum 3.6 kg for 870D


Solutions division of space and offices housing

The septum is known as a cell wall and especially flexibility, can help you to divide the space in a gentle, unlike the walls stocky and hard to change. Septum often used in offices to prevent the workspace in different parts. But today, bulkhead not […]

10/09/2016 News

Can buy a house with only 600 million or not?

In the current state of the capital residents on the increase every year, everyone wants to hang on in the land of the modern capital city and busy, finding a place to settle is always a top demand of urban residents. Because of this need, […]

10/09/2016 News

Why invest Vinhomes Central Park

Vinhomes Central Park project with the outstanding advantages of location, structure design, usability, price … since the new launch has created strong rush on the real estate market. The project attracted huge interest from customers and investors. In this article, let us explain why you […]

10/09/2016 News

Mortgage: scary financial trap?

Economy grows, the demand for housing also increased accordingly. However, not everyone has the financial ability to choose to buy a house like that. Therefore, the use of solutions housing loans have been many families choose. The needs of shelter residents increasing, the investors and […]

10/09/2016 News

Apartment Panorama Resort – Nha Trang

As one of 29 most beautiful bays in the world, Nha Trang – Khanh Hoa possesses great potential in the field of tourism development, the real estate investors especially interested in resort. According to the latest figures of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, the […]

10/09/2016 Panorama, Resort